Woman, what’s your FQ?

With India producing inspiring women leaders, sportswomen and now entrepreneurs, it is all the more important for women to become financially literate and independent

India recently completed The Great Indian Budget circus. Budget has become one big annual event – media, corporate honchos, analysts and of course social media, discussing its impact on the economy, businesses, rural India and the common man. These discussions led me to think – how does budget impact the common woman?

Does a common woman make her own budget? Plan finances? The answer for city dwellers and working women like me lie in our offices. Its time of the year when you see many colleagues, including women, running like headless chicken to show investment proofs. Do I have the rent receipts? Have I made investments at all? Must confess I am also a part of this gang.

This ignorance or disinclination largely came from the fear of numbers. I never scored well in Maths and got rid of the subject at the earliest opportunity as I entered college. While I had a personal bank account at a very early age, it was more to save the yearly Birthday, Diwali and other festive cash gifts. Subconsciously I made some academic and professional choices to avoid numbers. But over the years realised, as a woman with personal and professional ambitions you just cannot escape from finance and ‘Budget’.


My brush with budgeting practically began when I moved to UK for studies. Living on your own, managing with limited resources, made me register every pound I spent. Later the travel bug in me was a catalyst to think of saving enough for that one long vacation. Recently conversation with my mother turned to our monthly household expenses. Last few months of buying groceries, planning home chores, managing maids had subconsciously made me think of finances and budgeting.

With India producing inspiring women leaders, sportswomen and now entrepreneurs, it is all the more important for women to become financially literate and independent. Financial education will make women – urban and rural – understand their Financial Quotient (FQ). One such platform I personally found helpful is GetRichGirls.com . It dwells on so many aspects of financial planning and how women can master it. The much needed motivation for girls to get rich!

When parents go digital!

Day 1

I am back from office and see Mom busy on her mobile. Did I hear it right? I could hear just concluded PM’s speech at Davos World Economic Forum playing on YouTube

Me: How did you find this speech?

Mom: Everything is there on YouTube. It comes. I search for anything I want. By the way the new phone is nice. I can watch videos clearly on the big screen

Day 2

Am in a hurry to leave for work

Mom: What G is my phone? Newspaper says mobile rates have reduced because of 4G

Me: Mom, 3G /4G depends on your mobile service plan, not necessarily on the type of cellphone. You have a good plan

Mom: Ok… I just spoke to your cousin on WhatsApp video call

Day 3

I call Papa at work to inform about neighbourhood doctor’s death.

Papa: Yes I know. I saw the message on couple of WhatsApp groups. When you come in the evening please help me how to share a Facebook message on WhatsApp

Day 4

I order some food for Mom before she reaches home.

Mom: Can I also order like you? You put that app in my mobile, so that I don’t have to disturb you in office.

Does this sound familiar? It may, for many of you. Personally, so many times conversations with my parents now revolve around social media and technology. From shopping, cab bookings, travelling, reading, accessing information, they have started thinking and talking digital.

While all the attention in on millennials, senior citizens are silently but steadily adopting mobile internet as India becomes digital. Much of this internet consumption is out of curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Like the youth, they are becoming mobile first consumers. Equally restless if mobile data doesn’t work or cannot stream videos. It’s a childlike curiosity to learn how to use digitech. Smallest things make them happy and discover new things in the virtual world.

What’s your #DigitalParents story?

Refresh – making sense of my random thoughts

Years ago I had registered on another blogging platform. But I only started penning my thoughts when I moved to London for my post graduation studies. Today, when I look back at my blog I realize it was my London memoir. I remember, then too I was thinking how can my blog be different from a personal diary. Do I want to publicly share my thoughts?

But what encouraged me was the number of visits my blog started getting. I started to think of new topics to write. Just as they say – it’s one thing to start anything but takes truck loads of determination to sustain it.  I lost my momentum and determination.

Blogging has seen a sea change since 2011 and so have I. This time when the blogging bug returned – I thought of it and said let’s take the plunge again.

So here it is Random Thoughts in a refreshed avatar. I am eager to rediscover my blog and what it brings out. Hit me with ideas / thoughts/feedback on blogging, motivation / sustaining these random thoughts so that you don’t regret visiting this page J